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What is Engaging Awareness?

Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, we are truly a unique organization committed to working with both individuals and teams to achieve success - however that success is defined.

Leading a fulfilling and successful life as an individual, a leader,  a member of the community,  starts from within.  That means understanding yourself, others, your community and yes - even nature! It is about deepening one's self-awareness and supporting others in doing so as well. It is about growth.

Engaging in that process is the hallmark of a successful individual, leader and/or team.

With the above in mind, we offer coaching, training and development as well as mentoring services. There are also options should you need a speaker/presenter. 

As for Debbie Ristimaki...

As lead 'Engager', her approach is based on 30 years experience in both the corporate and non-profit sectors. She has led teams in both administrative/service roles, sales, communication, and training.

Debbie is an accredited coach (ATC) and has partnered with clients both nationally and internationally.  She is also recognized by the Institute for Performance and Learning as a Certified Training Practitioner (CTP) and a Certified Training and Development Professional (CTDP). She has travelled the country extensively facilitating workshops in both English and French on such topics as:

  • Coaching
  • Leading teams
  • Communication
  • Conflict resolution
  • Developing one's self and developing others
  • Sales and sales management
  • Performance management
  • Recruiting

An avid writer, Debbie currently writes a monthly column for a local newspaper in Winnipeg and a blog for a Montreal based paper.  She has been published in the Globe and Mail, Canada Lutheran Magazine, The newspaper of the Eastern Synod, Eternity for Today as well as the Winnipeg Free Press.

Not sure if coaching is for you, want to discuss how we might partner with you...

... or whether we would be a good fit?  AND we do need to be a good fit!

Consider taking advantage of a free 30 minute coaching session.  We can connect by phone and/or in person if you are in the Winnipeg area.

What I learned today

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Services available

Coaching - Life and/or career development. 

Motivational Training/Instructional design - customized to your needs.

Mentoring - Partner with Debbie or she can work with you to identify an external mentor.

Speaker/Presenter - Customized to your needs.

Freelance Facilitator - Perfect for those with a need for an additional facilitator to deliver a program.

Contact Debbie for more information and/or to discuss pricing and arrangements.

Debbie's Blog: Life Living and Lessons

As it appears on thesuburban.com and myMList:

Living your legacy today (September 2018)


What is my legacy (August 2018)


Challenge yourself (November 2017)


The six nuggets of advice I would give to my 12 year old self.(October 2017)


What I learned from Michel (August 2017)


7 plus 1 questions to determine whose path you are on (June 2017)


10 Things we can learn from Canada Geese (April 2017)


The 'F' word (March 2017)


6 Steps to living your life (Feb 2017)


Community Column

Debbie writes a regular column for her local newspaper - typically about some of the lessons that she has learned along the way but she has been known to stray from that theme.


Other Articles/Blogs

Give Better Feedback as a First-Time Manager - Futurpreneur Canada (December 2017)


Conversations on the Road - Canada Lutheran Magazine (July/August 2017)

A Day Trip Rushing River Provincial Park (August 2017)


Laugh A Little, Laugh A Lot (May 2017)


Debbie has also contributed to:

  • Globe and Mail
  • Winnipeg Free Press
  • Canada Lutheran
  • Newspaper of the Eastern Synod
  • Eternity for Today
  • Neighbours of Bridgwater

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Success is a journey, not a destination.  (Ben Sweetland - author)

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